Thursday, 28 September 2017

What’s the best beginner anal sex toy for a man?

Anal pleasure and anal sex toys are becoming more popular with men of all sexual preference, I am pleased to say. Sex toys are made for anatomy not sexual orientation so if it feels good, that’s great! Glad you are getting involved with this wonderful source of stimulation.
With regards to your query, I would recommend something slim and that can vibrate or be used static, for more versatility and you can then see which you prefer.  As well as lots of lube, which is a must.
Try the Booty Call Flexible Slimline Vibrating Anal Beads, they’re slender and graduate in size for easy entry and it will get you used to things inserted in there, without the scary girth of other toys or butt plugs. These beads vibrate too if you like so once inside, turn them on and enjoy that stimulating sensation.

Top tip: Slip one of your condoms over your anal sex toys first to make clean-up even easier.
Once used to these vibrating anal beads, you can think of upgrading to something bigger and better for precise prostate massage. The Tantus Silicone Prostate Play Vibrating Prostate Massager is made with body safe silicone, is shaped beautifully for excellent prostate stimulation and even has a removable bullet vibrator you can include in other sexy sessions too. Whether you’re alone or sharing your fun with a partner.
Inflatable sex toys can be fun, but make sure you’re a bit more experienced in anal play first of all. You don’t want to tear your delicate anal tissue and/or put yourself off further sexual discovery.
You’ll be best off trying with lube, both over the condom covered toy and lube up yourself to prepare – and take it slow. Try some Give Lube Super Thick Anal Lubricant or some Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube, both of which are excellent.


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