Thursday, 9 February 2017

New Clues to Female Orgasm

We all know that female orgasm can be very elusive. This week a major study was released that sheds light on why some women orgasm more frequently during sex than others.
The study looked at a wide variety of factors, including sexual acts, environment, relationship satisfaction, communication skills, and sexual preferences.
Female orgasm was most likely to happen if a women received three things during sex:
  • Oral Sex
  • Manual stimulation
  • Deep Kissing
Call it the Trifecta of Female Orgasm.  This should not be surprising,  Women need a lot of stimulation in order to reach high levels of arousal.
Most women will not orgasm from vaginal sex alone. This is a Hollywood myth that will not go away!  The likelihood of an orgasm during intercourse increases if a woman has orgasms before intercourse.
For women, sex is also about intimacy, and there is nothing more intimate than deep, passionate kissing with your partner.  When your sex life is in trouble, kissing is the first thing to go.
The study did not ask about different types of manual stimulation, a major oversight in my opinion.  Clitoral orgasms, while wonderful, will not bring a woman to the same height of arousal and orgasm as G spot stimulation.
Not surprisingly, relationship satisfaction also had a significant impact on female orgasm. But for women, length of the relationship did not have an impact.  This differed for gay, bi-sexual, and hetero-sexual men.
Being able to communicate with your partner about your sexual desires, provide feedback, and praise one another in bed, also increased the frequency of orgasm for both men and women.
The longer women have sex, the more likely they are to orgasm.  Women who reported that sex lasted between 30-60 minutes were much more likely to have orgasms than those whose sex lasted 15 minutes or less.
Finally, variety of sexual acts also improved female orgasm. This includes different positions, wearing sexy lingerie, anal stimulation and light restraints.
The take away message here:  Good sex and female orgasms happen when there is good communication, high levels of arousal and stimulation, sufficient time, passion, and variety.
Nothing new for a sex and intimacy coach, but it’s always nice when research backs me up!


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